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Portrait of Robert Coombs

Robert (Bob) Coombs   

Robert (Bob) Coombs


I first heard about Bob Coombs three years ago, when faculty began to talk about a photography student who was doing very, very well. What I came to discover as I got a chance to see some of his early work, and the work he was doing at that time, was indeed somebody with a great deal of potential. And certainly, I could also get a sense of Bob as somebody who was also a very wonderful athlete. Many of the photos he was taking at the time celebrated his ability as a gymnast. Then, of course, came the point of Bob's accident; leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. And you began to think at that time, if you were going to hear about Bob again, you might just hear about a person that occasionally people talked about. It seemed such a challenge that here would be someone who could exceed all expectations as a result of such an injury.

In fact Bob has returned to Kendall, and has established himself as a remarkable presence in the college. And it's a great pleasure to share this profile of Bob Coombs, an outstanding man.