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From just east of Grand Rapids to the East Coast, recent KCAD alumni, Katie Zychowski, will be honored for her work and featured in two shows: one local, at the state capital in Lansing; the other in New Jersey at Monmouth University.

A recent graduate of KCAD’s  photography program, Katie Zychowski has much to look forward to this fall. Her work has been chosen to be part of an upcoming exhibit at the state capital. Members of the Legislative Art Caucus have selected Katie to be part of the Student Art in Legislature (Arts in the House) Initiative after a nomination, which came from professor and head of Photography, Darlene Kaczmarczyk.

"We Settled on Wanting" - Katie Zychowski   

"We Settled on Wanting" - Katie Zychowski


"I Followed When We Separated," a photograph taken from Katie's Photography Thesis, was selected and will be displayed in the Anderson House Office Building. This month, a formal reception will recognize her work as part of the initiative. I expect this to be an exciting and interesting show in Lansing.

And, until October 14, Katie is being recognized on the East Coast. Her work is currently showing at Monmouth University's Ice House Gallery, in New Jersey. She was asked by Anne Leighton Massoni, after her senior thesis show. Katie is showing photographic pieces from her senior thesis entitled Langour, Temperance, Repose. I look forward to hearing more of Katie, and her work, as she continues to pursue her career in photography.